Confidentiality and the use of Technology

“With the increased use of computerized electronic medical records there is a direct correlation to a rise in a breach of confidentiality among healthcare professionals”.

Mackenzie’s Thesis Statement

The purpose of this nursing informatics paper is to explore technologies used in nursing practice. I have chosen to explore the increased use of electronic charting in relation to breaches in confidentiality among healthcare workers. With the direct access to all patient files with just a username and password log in pertains to issues with privacy of patient health records. I will be exploring why people breach and what motivates somebody to look into a patient’s health record considering all the legal implications enforced for breaching of confidentiality. I will also be investigating cyber-attacks that can happen and create a network wide concern for privacy and confidentiality for our patients.

For more information read the news article by CTV news involving the cyber-attack of 24 Hospitals in Northern Ontario:

Please watch this video for a clear understanding of the six types of breaches and the process used for reporting.


CTV News. (2019). HSN’s computer virus affecting 24 hospitals in the north east. Retrieved from

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