3 thoughts on “Process of Medication Administration

  1. Hi Mackenzie,
    I like how you captured the reality of what you would see in most, if not all clinical setting in your workflow mindmap. There are a lot of different scenarios that could impact that day-to-day workflow, and the effects can be detrimental. Location of tools, unexpected events, physician visits, and attending to patient and family concerns can take up most of our time. This does not even account the time spent on documentation. Personally speaking, I find that electronic documentation, that is if it is compatible with all other systems can have a huge impact on alleviating some of the time issues we face in the clinical setting. I was part of the transition phase at my work from paper MAR to eMARs, as well as the EHR system (PCC) we use. I can see the flaws within the system as I became more familiar with it, but the benefits of its use overcomes these flaws, though there is much room for improvement. I am curious to the part where you mentioned that medication administration can be recorded either on the eMAR or on paper MAR? Does this not cause confusion and redundancy?? What clinical setting do you work in, and do you find having two different system of medication administration recording risky?


  2. Hi Nurse Paola ! Thank you for your comment. We document everything on Meditech in exclusion to this is the medications. All the medications are documented on paper medication administration record. I agree that at times there can be redundancy. I work in a hospital setting including medical/surgical, continuing care, intensive care unit, and emergency inpatient. We do not use PCC, however documentation in Meditech is similar type of documenting electronically. All medications are paper charting in one spot typically therefore there is no confusion on what is being ordered or given. I hope that in the future they will consider electronic medication records on the computer and paper charting can be eliminated completely.


    1. Wow, I am always fascinated to hear that a lot of areas in hospitals still use paper documentation for medication administration recording. For bigger institutions in comparison to small long-term care homes or retirement, one would think the hospital would be more advanced at least in terms of technology. Perhaps it is because of the patient turnover?? But you would think it would still make it more time effective if this process was electronic. I have to say, it is definitely nice to have both EHR and eMAR through PCC as it makes the process more mainstreamed.

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