Professional Standards – Informatics

This week I will recreate College of Nurses of Ontario [CNO] specific to informatics in nursing. These professional standards contains content from the modules in the course Informatics in Nursing.


(Volkov, 2015).
  • Sharing nursing informatics knowledge and expertise with clients
  • Seeking assistance appropriately with nursing informatics technology
  • “Ensuring practice is consistent with CNO’s standards of practice and guidelines as well as legislation” (CNO, 2018, p. 4).
  • Taking responsibility for errors related to nursing e-health
  • Reporting unsafe use of informatic techonology
  • The nurse uses apomediation to clients giving relevant and trustworthy information to clients

Continuing Competence

(The Law Society, 2017).
  • Assuming responsibility for informatic technology development and sharing this knowledge with others
  • investing time and knowledge to improve e-health awareness and gain knowledge, skill, and judgment within informatic technology
  • Advocate for technology advancements in the workplace
  • Work together to create a setting that provides continuing competence in regards to informatics technology
  • The nurse should become aware of health promotion opportunities online and organizations to gain accessibility of healthcare resources
  • The nurse will gain knowledge on health enabling methods such as mobile apps and virtual communities


(Glean Info, 2017)
  • The nurse identifies ethical issues related to informatics and communicating them within the health care team
  • “Identifying options to resolve ethical issues” (CNO, 2018, p. 6)
  • The nurse will obtain privacy and confidentiality within electronic medical records


(Business Marketing Engine, 2019).
  • Being informed of the role nursing informatics has on healthcare
  • Being informed of the nurses role in relation to e-health usage
  • Understanding how to use informatics technology in the workplace
  • Knowing how to access resources when unsure of technology use.
  • Being aware how an e-health environment can affect professional practice
  • Understanding the benefits and disadvantages of informatics in nursing
  • The nurse must not become technology dependant within data information
  • The nurse appreciates how health information is socially generated and mediated using more dynamic features on the internet

knowledge application

(Salas, 2016)
  • The nurse is able to apply knowledge using informatics in their nursing practice
  • The nurse is able to interpret explicit data and use nursing knowledge to apply a meaning to data retrieved
  • The nurse can critically analyze client data to address client’s needs.
  • The nurse is aware of the Best practice guideline Registered Nurses Association E-health Toolkit (RNAO, 2019)
  • The nurse identifies and addresses informatic related issues
  • The nurse is able to collect, aggregate, and manage info in a faster fashion
  • The nurse is able to convert basic data and info into more complex knowledge and understanding
  • The nurse is able to assess and critique health information on websites using honeycomb and CRAAP models.


(The New Times, 2019).
  • Providing direction and guidance with e-health technology to novices, students, and unregulated care providers.
  • The nurse acts as a role model and a mentor within the context of nursing informatics
  • Provides leadership with nursing informatics technology when there are questions or teaching opportunities
  • Resolves conflict within nursing informatics
  • The nurse will communicate via technology effectively and efficiently through the interprofessional team


(RCNi, 2017)
  • The nurse provides boundaries between professional therapeutic relationship and social media personal relationships
  • Demonstrate respect and empathy when using technology devices during client interactions
  • Maintain boundaries between professional and cyber-life
  • The nurse will be aware of cyber-bullying and their detrimental effects on mental health


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